Cargo OneBase Concealer and Foundation in One Price: $28.00 (as of 26/11/2020 01:48 PST- Details)

Use one base to spot-conceal where you need it: around the eyes, the sides of the nose, or around the mouth
It conceals imperfections without caking or creasing
Onebase is ideal for when you don’t want full-face foundation coverage – it’s designed to provide natural-looking coverage in key facial areas and formulated to blend out invisibly with your natural skin tone



A foundation and concealer in one: CARGO’s OneBase™ is a unique, lightweight, two-in-one face make-up that does double duty as both a professional strength concealer and a lightweight conditioning foundation combined in a sleek portable tube.
Most women are not looking for foundation in all places. OneBase™ permits you to cover areas around the eyes, nose and mouth to conceal imperfections. It then blends out perfectly to natural skin
A versatile dual purpose product
Combines superior coverage and precision application in the ease of a sleek tube and wand combination
The perfect product for many who don’t want full-face foundation coverage – designed for natural coverage in key facial areas, not for all over the place full-face coverage
Adds radiance to the face by getting rid of imperfections, redness and dark shadows
Nourishing ingredients and conditioning properties provide moisture to the skin
Fragrance free and excellent for delicate, sensitive skin with essential essences that condition the skin and won’t clog the pores
Sold in a sleek, malleable metal tube with a touch wand that may be both easy and practical
Key Ingredients:
Vitamin E
Helps the skin to fight the damaging effects of our surroundings and helps to moisturize the skin and repair minor damage found on the surface of the skin
Chamomile Extract
Chamomile extract is a natural essential essence that may be ideal for dry and sensitive skin types. Its naturally soothing and relaxing properties make it an exceptional ingredient for skin care products. Chamomile essence is extracted from the tiny yellow flowers of the chamomile plant.
Avocado Extract
Avocado extract is rich in natural vitamins that help to nourish the skin.Contains anti-oxidants, which help to fight the damaging effects of our surroundings and is a rich emollient that absorbs easily into skin, providing instant hydration
Made in Canada

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